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birthday, baby, & hostess gifts..any ideas?
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My son has a double header this weekend. Two birthday parties to attend. Excluding buying anything made in China, narrows the search.

What is safe and responsible to buy for kids who don’t really need anything? Here is a list of companies that are now PVC-free but not local or entirely eco-friendly.

  • Small World Toys (makes PVC-free teething toys and “Gertie” balls)
  • Early Start
  • BRIO Corporation
  • APRICA Kassai Incorporated
  • Lamaze Infant Development
  • Little Tikes (Rubbermaid)
  • Ravensburger
  • Turner Toys
  • Lego Toys
  • Toys R Us, in November 1998, announced its ‘immediate plans for the worldwide removal of all direct-to-mouth products for infant use containing phthalates, such as teethers, rattles and pacifiers.’

Any gift ideas? Allegedly, Playmobil is safe now too. What do you like to give for gifts that is safe, local or made in the USA? Pro education is a good way to go. How about for elementary age? I like giving a bottle of wine for friends. Giving it and receiving it!


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