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Vermiculture:Worms Eat My Garbage

A few months ago we set up our kitchen vermiculture or vermicomposter or worm bin. I watched a “how to” You Tube and bought my red wigglers on-line. I chose to buy mine from a woman named Worm Woman because I liked the name and because of her prices.

My worms arrived and I used a Rubbermaid storage container for their home. I drilled 1/8 inch holes all over it for proper ventilation, then propped it up on 4 cups, and threw in some newspaper for “worm bedding.”

Voila! Kitchen scraps no more. The castings the worms throw off are dubbed “gardeners gold” which is sold in premium gardening stores, this gold will go in with the outdoor garden compost and help feed the organic vegetable and herb garden.

The vermiculture lives inside during the winter and outside near the outdoor composter the rest of the time. Eggshells, coffee grinds, fruit rinds and peels, scraps from uneaten sandwiches and other food get thrown in but not meat or dairy.

The worms munch up about 8 lbs. of our families waste a week.

This is the worm woman, Mary inside of her worm bin! http://www.wormwoman.com/acatalog/maryinbin.mov

Here is my vermiculture:



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