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From EcoMom Laura: Green Fundraising, even gift wrap! Move over Sally Foster

Move over Sally Foster, there is a new kid in town and not just 40% profit either! Speaking of fundraisers, why have a third party vendor at all? Schools, clubs and non-profits can buy at whole sale and price it for whatever they want. Why should SF get 60% of the profit? Each room parent can fill and organize 1 rooms order, can’t they? Eco Starter Kits with your groups logo. Choose from a catalog of Green product options with your groups logo on it: CFL’s , Bento Laptop Lunch kits, Fabkins cloth napkins, reusable bags, kitchen compost, Sigg and Klean Kanteens and educational information about why this is a better, healthier way to live and make money for the group at the same time.


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I’m an environmentally-conscious mom and I head the Community Activities Committee for my daughter’s school. To all parents and school administrators: if you’re looking for a fresh, new fundraising idea, think Green Fundraising! We recently held a Green Fundraising Event at the Wildwood Elementary School in Wilmington, MA and it was a huge success!! We raised over $8K for the school. I found that people were so much more willing to participate because we were selling only green products. There are a few online companies that can help you with your event and where you can buy the eco-products. We used Mother Earth Fundraising to purchase all of our green fundraising products and I’d highly recommend them. Great customer service and their eco-products are all 100% environmentally friendly materials.

Here’s their website if you’re curious: http://www.motherearthfundraising.com/

If anyone else has held green fundraisers, I’d love to her your story too.

Anyway, hope this helps and stay GREEN!

Lori Lavin

Comment by Green Fundraising Mom

Hi there, I think you’ll be really interested in this company who provides the most amazing eco chic and stylish party ware! http://www.ecomyparty.co.uk

Comment by partylikethereisatomorrow

Check out our website for another great green fundraising alternative. We’ve just designed, manufactured and sourced some really innovative products. Let us know what you think! 3greenmoms.com

Comment by Cristina Bourelly

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