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Sustain Your Self-Acquaintance and Kindred Spirit-Jen Lemen and her Art
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I have this poster on my fridge and it is on the long list of things to do, to have it framed. It is a reminder of who I want to be and often am, and all too often, am not. It is me at my absolute best, if only I could hold on to it. It is called New Day and I think that is aptly named; because we get a chance to get up each and every morning to try and do a little better than the day before.

Art and Stories by artist, Mother of 2, wife, and inspirator, Jen Lemen. http://jenlemen.com/blog/

You can buy her posters. I bought mine on Cool Moms Care http://store.coolpeoplecare.org/ and/or you can down load her art for a fee. I love having those reminders of what really matters sprinkled around my house. Jen’s down loads come in 5X7 and 8X10 and are great colorful inspirations for your home, work, school, your life!

Sustain Your Self with positive images and words each and every day. Registering with 41 Pounds, and ridding my life of the on average 41 Pounds of junkmail the average American receives, like Victoria’s Secret, Beautiful Home Decorating-I want and don’t need and can’t afford, and all of the things, things, things has been a step in creating positive messaging in my home.

Peace and love and have a beautiful day,

EcoMom Julie



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Thank you so much for mentioning this great art piece and our site! We really appreciate the site and would love to keep hearing great things from you!

stay cool!


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