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I had a very meaningful Earth Day. I started off with getting up before 6am and collecting rocks for the Aquifor experiment I was to do with my son’s 2nd grade class. The experiment required 1 cup of small rocks, it shows how leeching occurs when storm run off washes environmental toxins like lawn pesticides into our water ways. I have ordered my Kid Safe lawn sign to offset my many neighbor’s Please Stay of the Lawn, Not Safe for Kids and Pets sign. The kids were wonderful and had great questions. Then we made a batch of Alice’s Wonder Spray, an organic, multi-purpose cleaner together, and they will bring those bottles and recipes home to their families.

After that I met Aidan at school and played with his class outside on the playground for a few minutes, and then was invited to join them for movement class. Precious! We were pretend washing machines and rocket ships blasting off and tall trees in a forest.

Later, after school, I met Tanner and Lily to start work on the Imagination Fair Kid Wind-model wind turbine. I was so impressed with what these kids already knew about wind energy, and the 8 of them with out adult help, (but only “question asking”) put the turbine together by themselves. On Thursday, we start our wind experiments.

I ended my day with an amazing orange, and looking out my kitchen window at the moon. I am very hopeful about the future of the earth today!


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