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TONIGHT 7PM-Wine and The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv book discussion
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5813 West 61st Street Edina 55436-RSVP juliemcjones@gmail.com.

Join the EcoCivic Leaders, EcoParents, EcoGrandmas, EcoAunties, and EcoMoms for a lively discussion over wine of the provocative book, The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. All are welcome. June 11, 7-10. Email for directions:juiemcjones@gmail.com

An Overview of Last Child in the Woods

In this influential work about the staggering divide between children and the outdoors, child advocacy expert Richard Louv directly links the lack of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation—he calls it nature-deficit—to some of the most disturbing childhood trends, such as the rises in obesity, attention disorders, and depression.

Last Child in the Woods is the first book to bring together a new and growing body of research indicating that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults. More than just raising an alarm, Louv offers practical solutions and simple ways to heal the broken bond—and many are right in our own backyard.

This new edition reflects the enormous changes that have taken place since the book was originally published. It includes:

  • 100 actions you can take to create change in your community, school, and family.
  • 35 discussion points to inspire people of all ages to talk about the importance of nature in their lives.
  • A new progress report by the author about the growing Leave No Child Inside movement.
  • New and updated research confirming that direct exposure to nature is essential for the physical and emotional health of children and adults

Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder has spurred a national dialogue among educators, health professionals, parents, developers and conservationists. This is a book that will change the way you think about your future and the future of your children.

Bookcover - Last Child in the Woods


This Saturday Sustain Your Self, Sustain Your Home-Nature Walk and Compost Party!

Nature Hike & Compost Party!

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SATURDAY, MAY 24Nature walk/hike of Bredesen Woods and an educational Compost Party!

Join us before the meeting to Sustain Your Self with a nature hike in the woods of Bredesen Park (you can meet us at the bathrooms in the Olinger Boulevard parking lot at 9:15) or walk from my house at 9:00, then (optional) to come back for coffee and the compost party 10:30-11:30. Learn about the various ways to eliminate your “green waste” from the collective waste stream while feeding your garden with ‘gardner’s gold.'”

This picture looks like a Scarlett O’Hara maybe 1 year later from the time she fell to her knees and cried out to the heavens, “As God is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!”

She is pleasantly reflective about her abundant crops. May my garden do as well.


Up Next…Wednesday, June 11 at 7:00pm. Book discussion of the Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv and the topic of “nature deficit disorder.” At an EcoMoms house.

Bring a friend.

RSVP juliemcjones@gmail.com or show up

Backyard TeePee
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Recycle, Reuse, ReThink, ROT and so…we cut down our ugly and scragly 30 foot arborvitae gone wrong, and recycled the branches for a free and natural version of the “clubhouse” the kids have been wanting.  The TeePee has been a big hit.

Sustain Your Self
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We see people not as they are, but how we are.-Dalai Lama

I am rejuvenated just thinking about the idea of planning an EcoMom TM event at the brand new Edina Corepower Yoga Studio and Spa. May seems especially busy and I have not carved out that daily alone time to Sustain Your Self and that changes today. Look for plans in the near future to attend an EcoMom TM Sustain Your Self event and enjoy a day of self rejuvenation.



Sustain Your Self, Sustain Your Home, Sustain Your Planet Party!
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Saturday, May 24, 2008 from 9:00-11:30 AM at EcoMom TM Julie’s house and backyard and the hike is at nearby (walking distance) Bredesen Park (Interior Nature Preserve trail).




11,000 EcoMoms Strong. Have you joined, yet? It is FREE at http://www.ecomomalliance.org and no obligations and only a once a month e-newsletter updating you on how the EcoMom TM Alliance is making a global impact.

What is composting? Kitchen Compost, Vermiculture, Backyard Compost, Curbside Organics Pick Up Garbage Service? Which one is right for you and your life style.

SUSTAIN YOUR SELF at 9:00 AM and meet then Walk 1/2 block for a 30-45 minute Nature Trail Hike with other EcoMoms.

Or just come at 10:30 to SUSTAIN YOUR HOME AND PLANET at an EcoMom TM Compost Party-Come to to one activity or both and bring an EcoFriend.

WHY SHOULD I COMPOST? Save electricity by not using your disposal and save water too. It puts great nutrients back into the soil.

Green Waste makes up 30% of landfills, and it just sits there and gives of methane gases and Co2, when it could be making your garden grow like Mary, Mary Quite Contrary’s. Only Better!

All EcoMoms new and old are welcome! Bring check, or cash if you want some EcoMom TM paraphenalia like the smart Bento Laptop Lunch Kits for a Zero Waste Lunch, Fabkins set of Monday through Friday cloth napkins, Safe for All Living Creatures-Pesticide Free Lawn Sign, and the Blue Sky Guide Coupon book for local, sustainable, bulk, and organic goods, services, restaurants and activities. Items are $20 except the lawn signs, which are $10.

EcoMom TM Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) non profit environmental organization that empowers Moms to wield their 85% of the marketplace purchasing power to change and save the planet!

RSVP or questions: juliemcjones@gmail.com
Information blog: http://www.mommytsunami.wordpress.com
Please Join and make are voices even louder: http://www.ecomomalliance.org

Governor Tim Pawlenty is okay with toxic toys and flame retardants sprayed on baby jammies
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Toxic plastics and flame retardants are nasty for humans. We really need this particular environmental toxin out of the marketplace. Governor Pawlenty who is in the running for VP of the highest office in the country is just fine with both of them.

Pawlenty vetoes ‘safe toys bill’

Gov. Tim Pawlenty has vetoed the “safe toys bill,” which would have banned certain flame retardants and phthalates from sale in the state.

In his veto message, Pawlenty said that “the prohibitions in this bill are not based on established science.”

Phthalates (pronounced tha-lates) are considered a potential endocrine disruptor and are banned in the European Union until 2010, when the bans can be put up for review or renewal. — Mark Neuzil

DecaBDE is classified as a “possible human carcinogen” by the Environmental Protection Agency on the basis of evidence for cancer in animals. In 2004, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reported that “we don’t know if PBDEs can cause cancer in people, although liver tumors developed in rats and mice that ate extremely large amounts of decaBDE throughout their lifetime.”

Pawlenty declared in his veto letter that “the legislative mandate overreaches and goes beyond current scientific research.”

Tom Elko :: Pawlenty vetoes ban on flame retardant

Sustain Your Self
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In the morning I leave for 3 days in the woods with my child and her Continuous Progress Family. I am excited to be in the woods and unplugged with her classmates, teachers, and parents. This Mother’s Day, I am again reminded that it is those “thin places” between this life, and whats to come that really matter.

When I child gives you a handmade paper ribbon award that says, “#1 Mom” with the 1 written backwards, I am accutely aware that “this is it.” This is what matters most…Love. It is in the midst of the chaos and is seen clearly only in those thin places where the lines are blurred between humanity and the divine.

For me, nature provides an abundance of “thin places” experiences. I am excited to see what is to come.