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The Toxic Sandbox by Libby McDonald
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I recently read the Toxic Sandbox about one Mother’s journey to keep her children safe and happy in a toxic world. Meet Libby McDonald and this important book that billion dollar corporate conglomerations wish you wouldn’t read.

Editorial Reviews

Product Description
From pesticides to PCBs-what’s a threat, what’s not, and what to do about it.

Mercury. Lead. Pesticides. Plastics. Air pollution. PCBs. How can parents sort through the hype, propaganda, and misinformation-and find out what is and isn’t a threat to children’s health? Investigative journalist, advocate, and concerned parent Libby McDonald separates the facts from the alarmist myths. Based on the latest research along with interviews with top medical, toxicological, and environmental experts, The Toxic Sandbox covers a wide range of essential concerns, including:

– How can kids be protected from mercury poisoning?
– What are the sources of lead poisoning, and how can they be avoided?
– What pesticides are children ingesting, and does eating organic keep them safe?
– Which teenage beauty products contain carcinogenic phthalates?
– What are PCBs and PBDEs and why are they found in breast milk?
– What can be done to stop the childhood asthma epidemic?

Delivering reliable, up-to-date information, this indispensable resource will empower parents to protect their kids-and raise awareness for the greater good.

About the Author
Libby McDonald is a writer, a documentary filmmaker, and a mother of four. An advocate for children, she started an alternative public school for the underprivileged in Jersey City, New Jersey.


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