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An EcoSkeptic switches out her cleaning products to Seventh Generation and Declares herself EcoAuntie GoGo and Superheroin of Mutant Frogs!
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From EcoSister Margo: “I requested green cleaning from my cleaning gal-now I’m Seventh Generation stocked.” Thanks j

View Seventh Generation product line.

Compelling evidence links the chemicals in household products to cancer, asthma, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome-also known as environmental illness-hormonal disruption, reproductive and developmental disorders, and other conditions. Yet cleaning products are exempt from the full ingredient disclosure on product labels as required for food and personal care products and enter the marketplace with little or no testing for potential health risks. Naturally Clean explains. . . Click on Seventh Generation (above) for more.
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I told her that Minnesota’s mutant 3 and 6 legged frogs found in our lakes and streams thank her and they look forward to having offspring with proportional limbs. Ribbit, Ribbit!

There are no more excuses because Target now carries Seventh Generation line of natural cleaning products and recycled post consumer paper products. Yeah! Target.

Consider this. Amphibians are such effective indicators of significant environmental variations that many ecological problems may go undetected by our human eyes until significant environmental damage has occurred. The current worldwide amphibian population is declining and the number of bodily malformations is increasing. This may be an early warning to us – an early warning of serious ecosystem imbalances.


First, consider the extensive use of pesticides across the United States. The chemical runoff collecting in the vast Midwestern farmlands is causing much damage to frog populations. Not only do excessive pesticides and other xenobiotic chemicals affect the sexual development of frogs, but it also makes them more susceptible to often fatal bacterial meningitis as well as some dangerous, parasitic fungi.

Scientists have confirmed that agricultural contaminants may be an important factor in amphibian declines in California. According to an article recently accepted by the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, a study by scientists of the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Department of Agriculture indicates that organophosphorus pesticides from agricultural areas, which are transported to the Sierra Nevada on prevailing summer winds, may be affecting populations of amphibians that breed in mountain ponds and streams.

This picture is not real as far as I know…

Humans have the capability to improve or correct environmental problems. We also possess the ability to exacerbate the same ecological problems at local, regional and global levels. It’s up to us!

Do Not spray your lawns. Educate yourself on the age old art of natural turf management and integrated pest management. The frogs are being called the environmental equivalent to the “canary in the coal mine.”


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Eco Auntie is blogged..
I am a convert now…keep up the inspiration J
xo EcoAuntie Go Go

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EcoAuntie GoGo Rocks!

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