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DICAMBA is a carcinogen and it is sprayed by ChemLawn where children learn and play & “drifts” in a 3 mile radius
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Maybe if city and school officials read the research now flowing out of the Red River Valley and the University of Minnesota on the adverse health risks between children and pesticide exposure. Also cited are links to brain diseases and alzheimers

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in those exposed to pesticides. We should never be using these hazardous chemicals were developing brains and bodies learn and play.


An EcoFriend had an ant problem recently. Her room mate was ready to call the Terminix company (one of the worst enviro offenders). She asked me if I knew of a natural remedy. There are many and the best one is keep your kitchen clean and limit food eating to only the kitchen. If you find yourself at a store in the toxic chemical isle contemplating the easy route out of whatever is “pesting” your home or yard…check this website out first. I typed in DICAMBA the main ingredient in ChemLawns/TruGreens toxic lawn cocktail. This is a huge list of diseases and disorders linked with just this one toxic chemical. Yikes!



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