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From EcoMom Laura: Green Fundraising, even gift wrap! Move over Sally Foster

Move over Sally Foster, there is a new kid in town and not just 40% profit either! Speaking of fundraisers, why have a third party vendor at all? Schools, clubs and non-profits can buy at whole sale and price it for whatever they want. Why should SF get 60% of the profit? Each room parent can fill and organize 1 rooms order, can’t they? Eco Starter Kits with your groups logo. Choose from a catalog of Green product options with your groups logo on it: CFL’s , Bento Laptop Lunch kits, Fabkins cloth napkins, reusable bags, kitchen compost, Sigg and Klean Kanteens and educational information about why this is a better, healthier way to live and make money for the group at the same time.